Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Malaysian Tradisional Game:Top Spinning/Gasing

Gasing, or top spinning, is a traditional game popular among Malays in the olden days.Gasing is popular in Kelantan and Terenganu state. In rural areas, gasing contests were held during the rice-ripening season. Kampung folks believed that the spinning tops would help bring good harvest.

DescriptionBoth adults and children can play the game. The object of the game is to keep the top spinning for as long as possible and the player who's top spins the longest wins. This game is fast becoming extinct and efforts are being made in Malaysia to revive interest in the game by organising top spinning competitions.

EquipmentThe gasing or top is usually made of wood or hard fruits. It comes with a string, which is tightly wound round a nail at the base of the top. There are five different shapes of tops: plate-shaped, heart-shaped, flat-top, egg-shaped and Berembang (a reference to the shape of a fruit of a familiar seaside tree).

There is variation of how to play Gasing.The traditional form of play is spinning match,.While the modern version,is striking match, whereby the player tries to knock his opponents' top out of the circle with his own. This game is known as "Gasing Pangkah" in Malay.
Gasing competition were held on various part of Malaysia,especially in Kelantan state.Singapore and Brunei also one of the many country in Southeast Asia who still play and preserve the Gasing Tradition.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wau:Malaysian Traditional Kite.

In Malaysia, another definition for "Layang-layang" is "Wau". Much was said about origin of the word "wau", while most reliable is that it derives from Thai vocabulary which means kites. 
"Wau"  enthusiasts however suggest that the word "Wau" originated from the sound derived from the "hammer" of the kite when in flight, forming sound of "wau,wau,wau" in rythmic pattern.
The main features of the "Wau" are mainly characterised by its head, wing and tail sections.
There are three types of traditional Malaysian Wau namely Wau Bulan, Wau Kucing and Wau JalaBudi.   Apart from this three mentioned, there are other types of wau proclaimed for a few of the penisular Malaysia states :

StateOfficial Wau
JohorWau Merak
KelantanWau Puyuh
MelakaWau Kikik
PahangWau Pungguk
PerakWau Seri Bulan
PerlisWau Helang
Pulau PinangWau Kotak
SelangorWau Kapal
TerengganuWau Dodo Helang
Negeri SembilanWau Seri Negeri
KedahWau Kangkang